• Teacher with Student
    Faculty and Staff
    Within every project, lesson, activity and conversation, there's an opportunity to build character and integrity. The faculty and staff embrace this idea, making it a high priority to realize the broader potential in every teaching moment. This helps build community here at school and promotes responsible citizenship in the world beyond."
    - Jennifer Mascolo, Echo Center Teacher

    Our faculty family, our inspiration

    It's no wonder that we think of the Echo Horizon School faculty as our extended family. Over half of our teachers and administrators have been here for over two decades, many since the school's founding, and even the newer teachers feel the same strong sense of belonging. It all adds up to an inexorable spirit and a radiant inspiration that is showered on our student body everyday.

    The bar for great teaching is set incredibly high at Echo Horizon School. Our teachers bring their very best skills and practices into the classroom, everyday - and every child benefits. Especially because up to 10% of the children are deaf or hard of hearing, even the simplest details matter. Echo Horizon School families know that the education of the 90% of the student body who can hear well is absolutely enriched by the presence of the 10% of students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

    Echo Horizon School Faculty Profile
    Number of Full- and Part-Time Teachers32
    Percent with Advanced Degrees44%
    Average Years of Experience8.5
    Percent with more than 10 years at Echo Horizon School34%
    Average Years at Echo Horizon School8