• What Makes Us Unique


    What Makes Us Unique 


    Located in the arts district of Culver City, Echo Horizon is a Pre-K-6 elementary school that:


    • Gives children the time to be children, in a safe, inclusive community that is down-to-earth and free of unhealthy pressure.
    • Educates students with a unique curriculum that combines the “best of both worlds”: the strongest traditional practices with research-based and evidence-tested innovation.
    • Not only talks about the value of diversity and inclusion, but embodies it daily.
    • Sends alumni to the most exceptional secondary schools in the greater Los Angeles area.

    How do we do this?


    • We are elementary-school experts who educate students in an intentionally small and kind community where they are free to explore, question, and imagine.
    • Our Head of School Peggy Procter is an educational leader who has instituted a “best of both worlds” educational philosophy for our elementary school-age learners. 
    • Echo’s talented teachers focus on the whole child and are dedicated to each student. They themselves are lifelong learners who grow professionally and engage in their craft.
    • Fifteen percent of our students are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH). These exceptional DHH students use hearing technology such as hearing aids and cochlear implants. They learn and play alongside their hearing peers. This unique educational model benefits both hearing and non-hearing students--all students develop empathy, an appreciation of difference, and a lived understanding of other experiences.
    • Fifty percent of our students identify as people of color and our students come from 46 different zip codes within Los Angeles County. Over fifty percent of our Leadership team are people of color as well.
    • We prioritize curiosity, creativity, collaboration, leadership, gratitude, conflict resolution, and a growth mindset. 

    Why it’s important . . .


    • Our small size and focus on the whole child leads to individualized learning for each student. We honor and support different types of learners within the same family.
    • Our emphasis on diversity and inclusion leads to more empathetic, resilient children who are better equipped to interact with all types of citizens and are culturally aware.
    • Secondary schools routinely tell us that our students are lifelong learners who are accomplished, poised, self aware, and skilled in critical thinking.
    • Our alumni go on to be changemakers, scientists, athletes, and artists with the intellectual curiosity, resourcefulness, and courage they need to improve the world for future generations.

    Come visit us to experience our joyful, engaged learning. Please contact admissions@echohorizon.org to schedule a visit.