• Zachary Bianchi's roots trace back to Chicago, but his journey has taken him to various corners of the United States. He spent significant years in South Florida while pursuing his passion for Graphic Design at The Art Institute. In 2010, Mr. Bianchi made California his new home and quickly became involved as a youth sports coach in the Manhattan Beach and Culver City Unified School districts, setting the stage for his current role at Echo Horizon.

    As our Lead Sports & Wellness teacher, Mr. Bianchi not only brings his coaching expertise but also holds certifications as a NASM certified personal trainer and a certified USA football coach. His lifelong love for sports, including football, baseball, and tennis, is evident, and he's an avid supporter of teams like the New England Patriots, LA Dodgers, and Rams.

    What truly resonates with Mr. Bianchi at Echo Horizon School is the creative energy, diversity, and kindness that permeate the school community.