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  • Welcome to Echo Horizon!


    As you begin the search for an elementary school for your family, you will see that a dizzying array of options awaits you. The challenge will be to find the right option for your family, one that matches your values, beliefs, and aspirationswhat anthropologist Simon Sinek calls a place “that believes what you believe.” 


    Echo Horizon is a Pre-K6 elementary school located in the arts district neighborhood of Culver City. Our intentionally small school has a warm, supportive community. Within that, our students are free to explore, question, and imagine. We believe that children should feel safe to be children and not have to grow up too quickly. That is one reason that we focus purely on the elementary school experience.


    Our vibrant academic curriculum is also tailored to the needs of Pre-K6. We offer a unique blend of the best of both worlds: the strongest structures and programs of traditional education with the best researched and evidence-tested innovation. This curriculum is tailored to the different needs of our students and evolves as they do. Our whole-school program focuses on considering other points of views and perspectives. Only by understanding other experiences can we truly work together. 


    Fifteen percent of our students are deaf or hard-of-hearing (DHH). They use listening and hearing technology and learn and play alongside their hearing peers. This unique educational model benefits both hearing and DHH students. All of our students experience other ways of living in the world and they have empathy and an appreciation of difference. Diversity and inclusion are also evident in other ways at Echo Horizon. We believe that our school should truly reflect the world in which we live. Fifty percent of our students identify as people of color and over fifty percent of our administration does too.


    I hope you will schedule a virtual visit to experience the magic of Echo Horizon for yourself. I look forward to meeting you.




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