•  Sustainability at Echo Horizon


    Echo Horizon Sustainability


    Bill McKibben

    We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to be educated in a healthy environment that is an example of forward-thinking sustainability and environmental awareness. Such an environment is conducive to learning about sustainability and becoming an active citizen in the world. We are aware of the climate crisis we are in and committed to doing our part to help the environment.


    Echo Horizon is part of the California Green Business Network. At Echo Horizon, the measures to become a certified Sustainable Business include:

    • Creating a composting program for all food waste generated by the school.
    • Replacing fluorescent fixtures with energy-efficient LEDs.
    • Retrofitting our water fixtures for low-flow, which reduces waste and energy usage.
    • Replacing our cleaning products with green options.
    • Committing to serving food and beverages at school events using reusable cups and mugs, plates, and silverware.
    • Replacing school Keurig machines with a drip coffee machine.
    • Offering staff and faculty commuter metro passes at a pre-tax cost.
    • Creating an environmental policy for school staff and for the parent community.
    • Making sure that our water heaters are insulated.
    • Creating a robust recycling program that includes battery recycling, e-waste, and hazardous waste. 


    Please contact the Director of Marketing and Communications Alicia Camacho with any questions.