• A Commitment to Sustainability

    Echo Horizon believes in a deeper shade of green. In fact, we've taken a long-term approach to greening at Echo Horizon School. We first examined what steps were already being taken.  Next, we developed an awareness of our behaviors of consumption and then focused attention on environmentally-friendly actions.  We mindfully are moving closer to more sustainable practices each year.  Building on the concept of interconnectedness and integrating ecological principles and sustainability into school curricula, our students develop the skills to become ecologically aware.

    Our children participate in nationwide eco programs such as the annual four-week Green Cup Challenge, during which they help with measuring and reducing energy usage and carbon output. In our first year alone, we lowered energy consumption by 12.33 percent and carbon emissions by 3700 lbs. per month.

    In addition to our student garden, we have a composting center manned by our 2nd graders, we're continually expanding our recycling program, and we attempt to use recycled or reused materials in all student projects. When we revitalized our 'no waste' lunch program, our Echo Horizon School families quickly fell into step.

    In fact, when it comes to green, we're all in step. Teachers, students, classroom aides, parents, maintenance staff, administrators, yard supervisors... we all know we're in this together and that the long-term benefits reach beyond our School’s boundaries.