Message from the Echo Center Team

Echo Center Quote
  • Echo Center believes that each child is a multi-faceted individual, capable of thriving academically, socially, and emotionally.


    Academic Achievement

    We want our students to be competent communicators with rich vocabularies, complex language abilities, clear speech skills, and the ability to listen as well as comprehend. Our educators are dedicated professionals with master's degrees and teaching credentials; their expertise lends itself to a unique experience in the classroom. Students are guided to make connections between academic learning and real world application, with the added benefit of being able to engage in language, speech production, and auditory and cognitive development. Our teachers also introduce organizational skills so that each student can use their time, energy, and resources to achieve their goals.



    Social interactions can be challenging for our DHH students, but socialization is a vital component of childhood development. Children influence each other in their development of spoken language, literacy skills, and communication. Therefore, it is important that each child learns to become a strong language model to provide expertise and feedback to one another, allowing for further interactions and more fulfilling experiences.


    Emotional Development

    We want our students to become confident, bright young people who are able to speak up for information and clarification, are willing to participate, and have a strong sense of self-advocacy. What's more, their peers will further empower them through encouragement and friendship. Through this support system, our students learn to take chances and begin to embrace positions of responsibility and leadership. These are important skills not only for the classroom but also for life.


    For more information or to apply for the Echo Center program, please contact Abeni Bias, Director of Admission. You may also click here to fill out an inquiry form.