Educational Programs

  • Echo Center operates within Echo Horizon School which provides a complete Pre-K through 6th grade academic program, to hearing, deaf, and hard of hearing (DHH) students, ages four through twelve years.


    Mainstream Program

    Through Echo Center, all students with hearing loss are fully mainstreamed into their classrooms. They participate in all areas of academic study including art, music, dance/theatre, and physical education. Our DHH teachers have master degrees from accredited training programs and are credentialed in their field. Speech, language, and auditory skills are promoted on a daily basis through a co-teaching model where a DHH and regular credentialed teacher team at each grade level.


    Academic Program

    Our experienced faculty engages daily with each child, providing academic excellence in a collaborative environment. Our program is academically challenging and developmentally appropriate for each of our students. Over the course of the elementary years at Echo Horizon School, each child moves towards their personal best as they engage in an exceptional learning experience that emphasizes the fundamentals while infusing their education with technological skill, innovation and creativity. Our graduates are 21st Century thinkers who are inquisitive, innovative problem solvers, bringing technological expertise, creativity, kindness and self-reliance to their lifelong journey of learning.


    We are committed to:

    1. Providing a safe and secure environment where students can grow in autonomy and learn to work and play together.
    2. Providing an environment that nourishes our students’ social, emotional, physical, intellectual and moral growth.
    3. Providing the best education for the whole child by using state-of-the-art teaching techniques and technologies that enable teachers to ignite the greatest potential in every student.
    4. Providing opportunities for our students to actively engage in making connections, solving real life problems and thinking independently.
    5. Providing opportunities for our students to think creatively and collaboratively with global connections.
    6. Providing opportunities for creation, collaboration and excellence in program.
    7. Sharing our resources, practices and knowledge with the local, and global community as well as the local and global DHH community.


    i2 Time: Inquiry and Innovation

    The 21st century world is a collaborative, communicative place where learning and adapting is essential. At Echo Horizon School, we believe that we must prepare each of our students to think, question, learn, create, collaborate, innovate and communicate their ideas. In conjunction with our already cutting edge educational experience, we have incorporated the concept of 20% Time. We are committed to carving out a few hours each week for every child to engage in inquiry in an area of their own interest with support from mentors.  During this time, our students will experience the process of questioning, planning, learning, collaborating, journaling and reflecting on their learning process as they pursue their interests during i2 Time, which include technology, the arts, and areas of student interest such as: digital media, coding, robotics, film, music, visual arts, dance theater, gardening, cooking.


    Arts Program

    Echo Horizon School is dedicated to the creative music and movement teaching approach developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman. It is the school's belief that learning about music - learning to sing and play, to hear and understand, to move and create - should be an active and joyful experience. The music curriculum closely parallels the components and goals for music education outlined in the California State Framework for Visual and Performing Arts.


    Our Visual Arts program is both integrated with and complementary to curriculum subjects and performing arts disciplines. The goal is to enrich each child’s life with a set of skills, perspectives, sensibilities, and understandings which allow a personal artistry to emerge and which promote aesthetic perception, creative expression, arts heritage and aesthetic valuing. In creating their own artwork, students experiment with and develop manipulative skills through two and three-dimensional media


    Dance/Theatre is dedicated to developing personal creativity, the ability to recognize and analyze basic dramatic concepts, problem solving skills, self-confidence, mental agility, and spontaneity while incorporating the elements of dance and applying choreographic principles to communicate meaning through the improvisation, composition and sharing of dance motifs. Whenever feasible and appropriate, the arts are integrated with each other and with core curriculum subject areas.


    Physical Education

    The physical education program is designed to allow each student to develop at his/her own pace. There are three main goals: motor skill development including gross and fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, hand/foot coordination, and balance; cultivation of skills required to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the areas of physical fitness and nutrition; positive social interaction through participation in cooperative games and other group activities. We provide an opportunity for all students to feel successful and to cultivate an appreciation for their individuality and the diversity of others.  We emphasize team cooperation and sportsmanship; students are encouraged to exhibit the Points of Pride.


    During the noon recess the physical education teachers plan a variety of intramural competitions and activities to provide additional opportunities for reinforcing good sportsmanship.  Students have opportunities to participate in handball tournaments, basketball tournaments, jump rope clinics, and a lunchtime running club, as well as friendly/competitively run games such as flag football, soccer, and field hockey. 


    Field Trips

    Field trips are an established part of the curriculum at every grade level. Classroom teachers, as well as specialists, connect with community resources to design trips that enhance student learning and experience. Our Ecoliteracy and Outdoor Education Program allows fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students the opportunity to explore academic knowledge through hands-on experience, small and large group cooperative learning that emphasizes responsibility, building trust and confidence, along with enhancing communication skills. These away field trips include Astro Camp in the San Bernardino Mountains, Catalina Island, and Pali Camp near Arrowhead.


    Additional Programs

    • Extended Day Program
    • After School Enrichment Classes
    • Service Learning & Community Involvement




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