• Ellis Enlow is the founding Pre-K teacher and Mindfulness Mentor. She appreciates Echo Horizon's vibrant learning environment, which is permeated with love and respect for children. One of her greatest joys is being present for her young students, witnessing their growth, and marveling at their capacity to be profound in ways that are unique to four-and-five year-olds.


    As a Pre-K classroom teacher, Ms. Enlow enjoys collaborating with the EHS community to facilitate the continued development, implementation, and evolution of the Pre-K program. As the Mindfulness Mentor, she shares her passion for the benefits of mindfulness by supporting its integration into student learning and by teaching mindfulness to faculty and parents. Ms. Enlow has extensive training in bringing mindfulness practices to children and adults, including completion of the year-long Training in Mindfulness Facilitation through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC). She has studied with Susan Kaiser Greenland, a pioneer in adapting mindfulness practices for children, and is currently enrolled in Mindful Schools’ Year-Long Mindful Teacher Certification program. Ms. Enlow received an M.A. from Pacific Oaks College in Human Development, with a specialization in Early Childhood Education; a J.D. from Northeastern University Law School in Boston; and a B.A. from Pennsylvania State University in Sociology. She is the parent of two adult children, and a sweet, if somewhat unsocialized, rescue dog.