• EHS Facilities
    Our facility is designed and maintained to provide the optimum learning environment for children. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, warm and inviting environment for all who enter through our doors...
    - Tami Rubin, Facilities Manager

    You'll be amazed at what we keep inside

    EHS Library

    Dating to 1925 when it was constructed as a public school, Echo Horizon is housed in the oldest school building in Culver City.  Designated as a 'significant structure' in 1991, the school sits at the end of a tree-lined residential street and features an attractive outdoor play area, well-lit classrooms and gardens.

    The traditional look and feel of our building's front exterior belies our two major renovations, significantly updating our space and adding thousands of square feet. We are proud to say we truly have a facility that meets all of our students' needs.

    Our technology environment, exceptional for an elementary school and visited by educators from all over the world, includes a wired and wireless network throughout the school, a Technology Center, and audio/video studios enabling students to record projects with high quality light and sound. Also implementing the latest technology, Echo Center resource rooms provide support to our deaf and hard of hearing students. Our science lab is state-of-the art, and at 17,000 volumes, we now have one of the largest elementary school libraries in Southern California. The visual arts studio and the performing arts space were redesigned during the recent renovation to enable Echo Horizon School to accommodate all four art disciplines - visual arts, music, dance (creative movement) and theatre arts.

    Open the doors of this charming 1925 building, and you will find a true 21st Century learning environment.