• JEDI Events


    Dear Echo Horizon Community,

    We are so thrilled to kick off another year of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) work here at Echo Horizon School. You can learn more about the meaning of the JEDI acronym, our mission, and our values on the Echo Horizon website. Enjoy the many ways to learn more about the ways you can get involved in JEDI here at Echo Horizon. We look forward to another year of continued learning and growth with you. 

    With Gratitude,
    Julia & Liza

    Julia Blount, Director of JEDI & Upper Elementary (she/her)
    Liza DeWitt, JEDI Coordinator (she/her)




    JEDI Days

    In addition to incorporating JEDI into our classes and JEDI/SEL Block, EHS hosts four days throughout the school year where we focus on each letter of "JEDI" at every grade level. We end each of these special days with a whole school assembly and a parent/guardian and caregiver education and connection event. These are in-person events.

  • Critical Conversations

    We are thrilled to be a partner in Critical Conversations. Each Critical Conversation has two parts (1) a guest speaker and (2) a follow-up conversation. Parents and educators throughout the US attend and learn together. These are virtual events.



    Echo Horizon JEDI Committee

    This faculty, staff, parent, guardian, and caregiver committee works together to support JEDI programming, discuss current events, and work collaboratively on JEDI initiatives and policies at Echo Horizon.

    Our first meeting on September 19th will be a community-building event. We will brainstorm JEDI-related school policy questions that the JEDI committee is interested in researching, and then use the sessions that follow to discuss them. These are drop-in events, no RSVP needed.

  • Parent Association Affinity Spaces

    The Parent Association JEDI Committee supports a number of parent affinity spaces (FAQ). These affinity spaces host events and educational experiences for their members and/or students. This year, the JEDI team is also partnering with these affinity spaces to co-lead student-facing events on campus. More information will be coming to you from the PA JEDI Committee in the coming days, but we welcome you to go ahead and indicate your interest 





    The JEDI team also supports Parents Raising White AntiRacist Children Affinity Space for faculty and staff and the Faculty and Staff of Color affinity space.

    The Echo Center holds a number of community events for Echo Center parents and caregivers. Echo Center parent ed nights are open to all EHS community members. Please refer to the Tuesday Bulletin for more information in the coming weeks.

    Echo Horizon is also a sponsor of Private School Village, which is a unique community of support, created for Black independent school families by Black independent school families. Please connect with our parent ambassadors LeShay Boyce and Jessica Smith if you are interested.