What is the Echo Center?

Echo Center Quote
  • The Echo Center was established in 1970 to teach students with hearing loss to listen and speak. Carol Proctor and Kent Landsberg founded Echo Horizon School in 1983 to give Echo Center students the opportunity to learn in a general education environment. All of our students benefit from developing meaningful relationships with each other that strengthen their academic experience and social-emotional development.


    We promote listening and spoken language on a daily basis by utilizing personal and classroom hearing technology and through a collaborative teaching model that pairs a general education teacher with an Echo Center teacher in every grade level. All Echo Center teachers have master's degrees from accredited training programs that specialize in the listening and spoken language approach of deaf education and are fully credentialed in their field.


    Program Offerings:

    • A positive collaborative learning environment for DHH and hearing peers that fosters self-reliance, creativity, and joyful learning.
    • Daily monitoring of personal and classroom hearing technolgy
    • Daily support of listening and spoken language development by:
      • Pre-/post-teaching
      • Social skills and advocacy training
      • Implementing recommended modifications and accomodations
      • Incorporating a supplemental listening and spoken language intervention program
    • Annual assessments and ongoing evaluation of student skills and academic achievement to create an individualized program for DHH students
    • Family support and collaboration between the school, family, and hearing healthcare professionals