• Global Awareness

    We're always encouraged to work with peers as well as express our individual voices and take initiative. Last year, I wanted to start a Global Studies Club to learn more about current world events. With the help of administration, my dream turned into reality.
    - Robert C., alumni

    It's the interconnected nature of things that make global awareness essential for success in the 21st century, for individual citizenship and the collective well being of the planet. Across our curriculum, we look at what makes an issue global by definition and then discuss possible solutions that are politically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

    Here are a few examples of  Echo Horizon School global connection projects and how our students develop a firm understanding of their role as local and global citizens.

    • 2nd grade - Students have pen pals at an international school in the Netherlands as well as a school in England. They compose their own e-books and share them with a global audience.

    • 4th grade - Students focus on finding a local solution to a global problem, such as reducing 
      energy consumption.

    • 6th grade - Students focus on finding a local solution to a global problem, such as improving water quality and improving youth health.