• Strong Academic Foundation

    Building on a unique legacy

    Our teaching philosophy incorporates the vision of the late Madeline Hunter, an internationally recognized educator. Dr. Hunter merged her background as an educational psychologist with her observations of effective teachers while principal of UCLA's Lab School (formerly UES) to develop a set of principles that characterize instruction in well-run classrooms. Focusing on the students rather than the chalkboard, this methodology is applicable to all learning styles, whether auditory or visual, focusing on keeping each student engaged at a high motivational level, and then checking, and double-checking, for comprehension.

    We believe that true teachers must always be learning. An on-staff instructional coach supports our faculty through observation to provide the feedback every teacher needs to perfect and maintain his or her craft. Additionally, we regularly research the most effective educational practices available, and we undertake internal evaluation with faculty curriculum committees to ensure we are keeping our academic foundation, and our legacy, strong and relevant.