• Character Education
    As adults, we have challenges in knowing how to respond to certain situations.  We cannot assume that our children know everything, from playing fair, expressing opinions in a responsible way, to being a good citizen. We need to
    teach them these things so that they can ultimately thrive in our society, which thrives on community. Consistent encouragement, mindful guidance, and abiding patience goes a long way for a child in his or her journey of learning.
    - Jennifer Kwon, 3rd Grade Teacher

    We're proud of our students

    We challenge our children with academics, technology and the arts, but we're just as cognizant of challenging them to be good citizens. With our Points of Pride--caring, citizenship, fairness, respect, responsibility, and trustworthiness--we create an environment where no one is ostracized, where everyone is supported, and where young people learn to be kind to each other and non-judgmental.

    The Morning Meetings held in our classrooms give students an opportunity to communicate what's on their minds, no matter how personal. This not only stimulates open dialogue and sharing, but also teaches compassion and builds community. Consistent encouragement, purposeful guidance, and abiding patience go a long way for a child in his or her journey of learning. After giving them these life tools and the support to use them, we watch with pride as our students offer to help one another and treat each other with dignity and respect.