• Core Values
    Core Values

    Mutual Respect
    Listening to and learning from the ideas of others, even if they conflict with one's own notions.

    When disagreeing, doing so agreeably.

    Treating everyone - students, teachers, other members of the school community and the community at large - with kindness and consideration.

    Collaborating in our learning and teaching.

    Emphasizing the positive and supporting others as they pursue their goals.

    Embracing diversity as an opportunity to learn about what makes us all human.

    Understanding that all students have unique talents and contributions.

    Fostering a sense of kinship among all members of the community.

    Ensuring that every student, regardless of individual gifts and needs, has the opportunity to learn the concepts and skills that he or she is next ready to learn.

    Self Reliance
    Assuming responsibility for learning, as well as for interpersonal relationships.

    Taking the initiative to solve problems.

    Persevering when faced with obstacles.

    The Best Educational Practices
    Evaluating the latest educational research so that the faculty and administration continue their professional development.

    Maintaining a curriculum that flows seamlessly from grade to grade and adheres to a consistent philosophical approach.