• Project Based Learning
    At Echo Horizon School I developed skills and confidence that have been and will continue to be valuable to me throughout my life.
    - Alumni, Class of 2005

    Learning by doing

    We believe in learning by doing, in other words that the best education comes through experience. With project-based learning, students collaborate to ask questions, debate ideas, and collect data. Together, they design and construct projects that reflect this methodology.

    Walk into any Echo Horizon School classroom at any grade level to see the evidence. For example, in 2nd grade, it may be a display of books the children have written, illustrated, and 'published' with the 'publishing company' they've formed, and with the teachers serving as editors. In a 5th grade classroom, the project may be a miniature roller coaster students have constructed to demonstrate the laws of physics, or in 6th grade you may see apparatus used in a water quality experiment.

    Project-based learning plays an important role in keeping children engaged. It's just one of the reasons why Echo Horizon School students seem to always be wearing a smile.