• Awards & Presentations

    California Student Media & Multimedia Festival

    Echo Horizon students and teachers have won over 60 awards at the California Student Media Festival, the nation's longest running student media festival. The Festival encourages project-based learning and meaningful student work in media and multimedia and exists to acknowledge and reward successful classroom work. Thousands of students from hundreds of schools across California enter the Festival every year. Echo Horizon School has submitted entries since 1997 and has won awards in several categories over the years.

    Awards Won by Echo Horizon School

    Award for
    Award Year
    Best Elementary Thematic  
    Tap Water Tom 2011
    Best Elementary Science     
    Gravity Lesson from a Nerd
    Best Elementary
    Special Ed
    My Hearing Loss and Assistive Technologies
     Best Video Yearbook  
     2009-2010 Echo Horizon Video Yearbook
    Language Arts
    Can They See Me? A Memoir Video
    Video Special Ed
    A Conversation with Butch Cassidy and Jack London
    Special Recognition for Pre-K Video
    Video Video Yearbook
    2008-2009 Echo Horizon Video Yearbook
    The Story of Ten
    2009 - 44th Annual
    Video Video Yearbook
    2007-2008 Echo Horizon Video Yearbook
    Video Best Student Performance Hearing Loss by Jae-Hwan Lee and Youngjae Ryu 2008 - 43rd Annual
    Multimedia Teacher Created Project To Peru and Back Website - An Exploration of Water Quality 2008
    Video Video Yearbook 2006-2007 Echo Horizon Video Yearbook 2008
    Video Special Ed Hearing Loss by Jae-Hwan Lee and Youngjae Ryu 2008
    Multimedia Independent Student Project Robot Model 2008
    Video Math The Story of Ten 2008
    Video Video Yearkbook 2006-2007 Echo Horizon Video Yearbook 2008
    Video Science Anatomy/Our Amazing Human Bodies 2007 - 42nd Annual
    Video Video Yearbook 2005-2006 Echo Horizon Video Yearbook 2007
    Video Technical Arts Life as a Fifth Grader 2007
    Video Best Student Performance Life Cycle of a Plant 2007
    Video Video Yearbook 2004-2005 Echo Horizon Video Yearbook 2006 - 41st Annual
    Multimedia Independent Student Project Flash Animation Portfolio 2006
    Video Special Ed Poetry Podcast 2006
    Multimedia Video Yearbook 04-05 Echo Horizon Video Yearbook DVD 2006
    Video Video Yearbook 2003-04 Echo Horizon Video Yearbook 2005 - 40th Annual
    Video Best Writing ESPN Sports Center 2005
    Multimedia Special Ed Super FM Book 2005
    Multimedia Language Arts Media Blender Bookshares 2005
    Video Special Ed Big Green Monster 2005
    Video Technical Arts 5th Grade POP & CELP iMovies 2005
    Video Science 5th Grade Physics iMovies 2005
    Video Video Yearbook On Another Note: 2003-03 EHS Video Yearbook 2004 - 39th Annual
    Multimedia Language Arts-Middle School Miwok Legend-Storytelling IMovies DVD 2004
    Multimedia Language Arts -Eledmentary Hyperstudio Bookshares 2004
    Multimedia Video Yearbook-Elementary On Another Note: 02-03 EHS Video Yearbook DVD 2004
    Video Video Yearbook 2001-2002 Echo Horizon Video Yearbook 2003 - 38th Annual
    Multimedia School Program/Yearbook EHVT News: 2001-2002 EHS Video Yearbook 2003
    Video English Language Arts Heroes 2003
    Video Best Editing 2001-2002 Echo Horizon Video Yearbook 2003
    Multimedia School Program/Yerarbook 2000-2001 Echo Horizon Video Yerabook DVD 2002 - 37th Annual
    Video Teacher Created Video Making Videos with Students with Hearing Loss 2002
    Music The Maya Project 2002
    Video School Information Hearing Loss and Amplification Devices 2002
    Video Science Color and Spectra 2002
    Multimedia Arts We Can Dance DVD 2002
    Multimedia Special Education Making Videos for the Mainstream DVD 2002
    Video Video Yearbook 1999-2000 Echo Horizon Yearbook 2001 - 36th Annual
    Multimedia Independent Teacher Project Communities Around the World 2001
    Multimedia Exemplary Claymation Legends of Mars 2030 2001
    Video Science Legends of Mars 2030 2001
    Video Special Education Action Words 2001
    Video Best Editing 1999-2000 Echo Horizon Yearbook 2001
    Video School Programs Getting to Know About Hearing Loss 2000 - 25th Annual
    Video Best Cast Performance Let's Talk About 2000
    Video School Information Let's Talk About 2000
    Video Science/Health Nothing Left to Change Except Change Itself 2000
    Video Video Yearbook 1997-98 Echo Horizon Yearbook

    1999 - 34rd Annual

    Video Best Original Music Reflections 1999
    Multimedia Use of Contemporary Culture Hyperstudio Bookshares 1999
    Video English/ Language Arts Video Memoirs 1999
    Video Fine Arts Video Reflections 1999
    Video Special Education About the Cochleaer Implant 1998 - 33rd Annual
    Video Video Yearbook 1996-1997 Echo Horizon Video Yearbook 1998
    Multimedia Special Education Very Special Arts Festival 1998
    Video Video Yearbook 1995-1996 Echo Horizon Video Yearbook 1997- 32nd Annual