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    Echo Horizon Recognized as a SMART Showcase School

    SMART Showcase Schools recognize the benefits of using SMART products and services to create an engaging 21st-century learning environment and share their results with the education community. They act as host sites for other school or district stakeholders interested in learning how SMART products and services can improve teaching and learning.

    Echo Horizon School is honored to be one of 16 SMART Showcase Schools in California. The mission of Echo Horizon Elementary School is to educate hearing and hearing-impaired children in an inclusive environment, where self-reliance and mutual respect are valued and encouraged. Using SMART Board interactive whiteboards in the classroom helps teachers create a well-lit, quiet environment that benefits all students and in which DHH students can clearly see the information presented.

    According to Director of Technology Elaine Wrenn, "By combining auditory and visual information, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard helps students visually comprehend the relationships between concepts and information."