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    Computerworld Award

    Elaine Wrenn

    Elaine Wrenn and another ComputerWorld Smithsonian Laureate on the National Mall following the medal ceremony.

    The Computerworld Smithsonian Awards Program

    Each year, the Computerworld Smithsonian Awards Program identifies and honors men and women whose visionary use of information technology produces positive social, economic and educational change. These innovators are nominated by a unique and prestigious group of individuals - the Chairmen's Committee - 100 CEOs of the country's leading Information Technology companies. These leaders nominate IT applications that are, in their view, the year's best examples of technological innovations. All nominations become part of the Smithsonian Institution's permanent research collection. Written, audio and visual material on all applications become part of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History's Information Age: People, Information & Technology exhibit.

    In April 2000, Echo Horizon School was honored as a Computerworld Smithsonian Award Laureate for our Learning With Multiple Intelligences project. In this theme-based annual project, a team of teachers works with sixth graders to enhance their learning in traditional core subjects such as social studies, science, language arts, and math by using video production and multimedia design as well as dance, music, drama, and visual art.

    In April 2001, Echo Horizon School was honored as a Computerworld Smithsonian Award Laureate for the Communities Around the World project. This collaborative online project was created by Director of Technology Elaine Wrenn to broaden primary students' understanding of and appreciation for their own community as well as communities all over the world.