Global Arts for Grades 3–6

Appreciation & Learning Through Arts & Spanish

    • In what ways can I express myself?
    • How do we bridge divides?
    • What does it mean to be a citizen of the world?


    These are just some of the questions that our Grade 36 scholars explore in the Global Arts program. We call this the ALAS program, which stands for Appreciation & Learning Through Arts & Spanish. Children grow up in a world that is globally connected and it’s vital that they have the skills that allow them to thrive in it.


    The word “alas” is Spanish for “wings.” Our younger students established the roots of their learning in the arts. In grades 36, they try out their wings and begin to fly. ALAS is an integrated, team-taught program that combines Spanish language and cultures, global visual arts, and global performing arts with service and community engagement. We work collaboratively to create compelling curriculum for deeper, more connected learning. With the aid of diverse community partners, we incorporate local and global partnerships into our work.


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