Global Arts for Grades Pre-K–2

  • We know that the arts give us joy, inspire us, provoke questions, and allow us to express ourselves. But what is the best way to teach the arts? In our Pre-K–Grade 2 curriculum, we integrate a global arts education with core academics while maintaining the integrity of each arts discipline. We believe that the discovery of connections between the arts and other subject areas creates a deeper understanding of both.


    Visual Arts

    • Students use a variety of media in visual art to communicate meaning and intent in original works while considering the elements of art, the principles of design, and aesthetic quality.


    • In music, active and joyful students learn to sing and play, hear and understand, and move and create through the Orff-Schulwerk approach.


    Performing Arts 

    • Performing arts nourishes children’s development by integrating their physical, sensory, and emotional selves. Using the elements of dance and theatre, children observe and reflect upon themselves, those around them, and the world.


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