Supplementary Financial Information

  • Please click here to download and submit the Supplementary Financial Information form for 2024-2025.


    The Supplementary Financial Information (SFI) Form


    Submit the completed SFI form using estimated 2024 data to FAST by January 8th (returning families) or January 16th (new families).

    The SFI form contains 8 sections. Instructions for each section are provided below.  The information provided should represent your expected finances for the year 2024.

    We realize that this is an estimate; however, it will provide the Tuition Assistance Committee with the vital additional information necessary to make an informed decision.


    1. Monthly Income. Enter the monthly amount that you receive from wages, business income, rentals, or other sources. Wages should reflect your net paycheck after taxes but before other deductions for insurance, savings, etc. Insurance and savings will be recorded as an expense in Section 2.

    2. Monthly Expenses. Enter the monthly amount of all your expenses, including those deducted from your paycheck. For auto maintenance, estimate your annual expenses and divide by 12.

    3. Other Financial Support. Enter the annual amount of financial support you receive from other sources. These include friends, parents and other relatives.

    4. Credit Card Debt. Enter the total amount of your credit card debt. This amount should relate to the amount of your monthly credit card payments entered in Section 2.

    5. Children’s Education, Activities, & Care. Enter the annual amount of your child related expenses. The tuition amount should represent that which is paid to other educational institutions, not Echo Horizon School.

    6. Self-Employment. If you are self-employed, describe the type of business you operate, the percent you own, and whether your business is run from your home.

    7. Divorced or Separated Parents. If you are divorced or separated, please describe the financial arrangements surrounding the education of your child(ren).

    8. Family circumstances. Please describe any special circumstances that affect your ability to pay for your child’s tuition. Examples include a change in employment or unexpected medical expenses. If these circumstances are temporary (expected to last one year or less), please indicate this in your description.


     If you have any questions about how to complete this form please contact the Business Office at or phone Saundra Sparks at 310-838-2442.

  • Saundra Sparks

    Saundra Sparks

    Chief Financial Officer

    If you have any questions regarding the Tuition Assistance program or the new changes for this year, please contact Saundra Sparks