Welcome to our Library!

  • 2021-2022Echo Horizon Librarian


    Library Hours: 8:00AM-4:00PM


    The Echo Horizon School Library strives to foster a love of reading and learning within our community of students, faculty, and parents. To this end, the library provides access to its collection of over 17,000 books to all members of the school community. Students in Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grades visit the library weekly. All students are introduced to age appropriate literature and check out books regularly. Students in second through sixth grades learn library, research, and Internet skills, and thus become independent, library learners.

    The Library is open Monday through Friday for classes, and during morning and lunch recesses, for independent reading, checking out books, and homework and research support. Lunchtime book clubs meet monthly. Students in grades 4-6 are welcome to participate!

  • Claudette Brown



    B.A., California State University, Northridge, Art History

    Rhode Island Hospital School of Nursing/ University of RI, Nursing