• Donor List



    Echo Horizon School gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions made by our community to our 2020-21 Annual Giving campaign. If our success is rooted in the leadership and direction of our faculty and staff, it is given wings by our strong community of families and supporters. A heartfelt thanks to those listed below for their caring and commitment to making our school their philanthropic priority.

  • 2021 Annual Fund Thank you

  • Visionary $25,000 and up 

    Thomas Gallagher GP

    Pamela and Peter Kelly A 5

    Rachel Liu and Ryan Lu


    Benefactor $15,000 - $24,999

    Joanne Yoon and Heriberto Diaz

    Kovi and Sharon Elkus

    Alison and Jason Kaplan 

    Sharon and Joshua Yguado 5


    Champion $10,000 - $14,999

    Elisha Levin and Buzzy Cohen 

    Charlotte Hughes and Christopher Combs A 5 

    Tracey and Akeem Ayeni A 5 


    Guardian $5,000 - $9,999

    Jessica and Richard Bina

    Pamela and Jared Bush 

    Anne Enna

    Peggy Procter and John Johnston F/S A

    Patricia Fajer Camus and Bruno Lambertini A

    Lori Shiotani and Ken Nakayama A 5

    Vera and George Nazzal 5

    Jane Hwangbo and Craig Rosenblatt

    Barbara and Brian Rosenstein

    Emily Fox and Peter Scott 5

    Jean Lee and Toan Tran  A 5

    Jola and Rob Thun A 5

    Valerie and Ian Washburn


    Angel $2,500 - $4,999

    Krys and Chris Abernethy 

    Amy Cooper & Samuel Baum

    Jane Yen and George Ho

    Laura and Andre James A

    Samantha and Greg Lombardo 5

    Michelle Martinez and Corey LoPrete

    Michelle Dean and Eric Lorenzini

    Christie and John Roberts

    Jennifer and David Stone

    Linda and Tom Tierney 

    Sarah Treem

    Satiya and Jared Witzer 5


    Believer $1,500 - $2,499

    Dawn Barrett

    Roger Bridges F/S

    Carly and Jay Carson 

    Vani and Ram Dandillaya

    Stephanie and Samuel Dekin’

    Eraka Bath and Alexandre Fortuit A 5 

    Pauline Woo and Carlos Fua 5

    Heather Kun and Chris Iorillo 5

    Margaret Stevens and Robin Meadow

    Gillian and Abram Nalibotzky

    Lucy and Joshua Oppenheimer 5

    Megha Sata and Nihar Shah 5

    Linda and Glenn Solomon

    Brooke Pace and Geoffrey Yim

    Cynthia Park and Brian Yum

    Natalie Moreland and Kyle Zanocco 

    Patron $1,000 - $1,499


    Melinda and Paul Blechner

    Mary Beth and Chris Bray 

    Kendall and Louis Brooks 5

    Alba Brooks-Correa and MIchael Brooks 

    Claudette and Harvey Brown F/S 5

    Leslie Wootton and Alycia Degen 5

    Diana and Jeremy Diller

    Talia and Avrom Gart

    Peggy and Francis Hung A 5

    Heather Cox and Chris Koch

    Kristin Kobayashi and Joseph Kung

    Wendy and Jonathan Lane 5 

    Julie Marsh and Steve Mayer A 5

    Giselle and Mazen Nazzal GP

    Andy Snavley 5

    Allison and Philip Strina

    Anthony Danna and Ziad Toubassy 5

    Kerry Green and Chad Wasser

    Friend $500 - $999


    Esther Aronson & Michael Blackburn 

    Ruth Milway and James Bursey 5

    Alison and Larry Cobar

    Jennifer Blum and Adam Cotsen A 5

    Julia Mosel and Matthew Dente

    Karen Hutchison and Nigel Dookhoo

    Alok Gupta A 

    Sherre and Jeffrey Hirsch A 5

    Allan Horwich 

    Kelly Ku and Jeffrey Hwang

    Michelle and Greg Suess

    Sarah Ball and Kerri Stoughton-Jackson 

    Ryann and Timothy Karp

    Kevin Gruenberg and Christine Kim A 5

    Rittu Kumar A 5

    Leah and Jason Lehmbeck 

    Tamara Umansky and Boaz Lev-Ari 5

    Aryan and Tejas Mehta

    Kedran and Stavros Panageas 5

    Karina and Nihal Patel

    Rachel and Jake Robards

    Laura and Chase Robinson

    Kristen Weirick and Laurae Rossi

    Nancy and Howard Shapiro 

    Felicia Zigman


  • Supporter up to $499

    Diana Ahumada 

    Felix Alvarado F/S

    Johanna and Eric Appel 

    Ursula Aris F/S 5

    Megan Baltazar F/S 5

    Jennifer Benedisuk and Mark Mascolo F/S 5

    Abeni and Derek Bias F/S

    Julia Blount F/S

    Haley Brooks F/S

    Sydney Burdick F/S

    Alicia Camacho F/S 5

    Silvia Barcellos and Leandro Carvalho

    Mayra and Miguel Castellanos F/S

    Mirielle Jacobson and Tom Chang

    Margaret Combs A 

    Jasa Denny F/S

    Bijal and David Desai-Ramirez

    Liza DeWitt F/S

    Amanda and Brian Egan 

    William Engle F/S

    Ellis Enlow F/S

    Francisco Felix F/S

    Nathalie Talango and Jesus Garcia 

    Brenda Gonzalez

    Sarah Gonzalez F/S

    Cara Horowitz and Stefan Grunspan 5

    Itzel Avila and Francisco Guerrero

    Kathy Guevara F/S

    Regina Gusman F/S 5

    Amina Sharma and Daniel Gutierrez F/S

    Hannah Horton F/S 

    Lauren and David Howard 5

    Emily Ingistov F/S

    Marjan and Mehran Kashefi

    Angela Winslow and Danny Klein 

    Kille Knobel 

    Sharon and Harrison Lee

    Ann and Vince Lee

    Rachel Lewis F/S 5

    Marina Manderscheid F/S

    Sandra Martinez

    Abigail McBean F/S

    Francesca Messinger F/S

    Annie and Andre Miyao

    Jennifer and Casey O’Brien 

    Devi Palty F/S

    Eva Panuelas F/S

    Samuel Patterson F/S

    Maya Starcevic and Kresimir Petrinec

    Yolande Beckles and Carlton Porter

    Jeena and Philip Quansah 5

    Calida and Gerald Rawles 

    Melissa and Dee Robertson

    Rachel Rosales 

    Carmie Rehor F/S

    Kristen Reyna F/S 5

    Rosemary Roman F/S

    Cari and Scott Rosen F/S 5 

    Rebecca Ruberg F/S

    Isabel Sanchez F/S

    Morgan Price and Jaymi Smith 

    Myah Smith 5

    Lisa Sorrentino F/S 5

    Alex Sowa F/S 5

    Saundra Sparks F/S 5

    Madeline and Ian Stewart

    Sara Adelman and Jeremy Stoller

    Melissa Stoller G

    Lori Zuckerman and Thomas Strouse A 5

    Michaela Summers F/S

    Annie DiMasco and Adam Tessitore

    Jennifer Chi and David Tran

    Sheryl Udell F/S 5

    Sharon and Reginald Waddell G

    Jennie and Jake Willens F/S

    Lindsay Wilson F/S

    Pooja Bhagat and Hugh Wright 5

    Ryan Young F/S

    Sherif Zakaria F/S


    Foundations & Corporations

    California Wellness Foundation 

    Sony Pictures