•  A Culture of Giving


    “We have two gifts to give our children; one is roots, the other, wings.”


    When you come to Echo Horizon, take a moment to look around you. Everywhere you’ll see parents, teachers, and staff committed to the exceptional education and development of Echo’s young scholars. Our success is rooted in the leadership and dedication of our exemplary faculty and staff, and given wings by our strong community of families, who are the custodians of Echo Horizon’s future.  


    As with most independent schools, tuition does not cover our full operating budget. We rely on the support of parents, alumni, grandparents, friends, teachers, faculty, and other community members to make up that gaproughly 11% each year. We raise this amount via two major fundraising efforts: the Echo Horizon Fund campaign in the fall and a community event in the spring.


    What does this fundraising pay for? Well, about 11% of everything.


      • It allows us to research and implement the best pedagogical practices and create optimal learning environments that ensure that our classrooms are dynamic centers of engaged learning.
      • It helps us to continue to attract, engage, and retain talented and skilled teachers and support their work with opportunities for professional development. 
      • It strengthens the Echo Center, our nationally recognized program for mainstreaming deaf and hard of hearing students, with evidence-based innovations.
      • It supports our generous tuition assistance program, which ensures that our community truly reflects the vibrant city in which we live and enables our students to grow up with an appreciation of difference and an understanding of other experiences.


    Year after year, we are fortunate to have engaged, supportive, and diverse parents who enrich our school through their gifts of work, wealth and wisdom. Whether you have fifteen minutes to bring in classroom birthday snacks, or the enthusiasm to join the Parent Association Leadership team; whether your contribution to the Echo Horizon Fund is $30 or $30,000, all we ask is that you make Echo Horizon your philanthropic priority. 

    In order to meet our goals, we ask for 100% family participation by the end of each calendar year, at a level that is both comfortable and meaningful. Not only does your contribution support your children, their classmates, and the dynamic faculty and staff of Echo Horizon School, it also demonstrates your commitment to our community. All Annual Giving contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law, and our nonprofit tax ID number is 95-2654647. If you have any questions, please contact Development Manager Lisa Sorrentino at (310) 838-2442 / TTY 310-202-7201.


    Nonprofit tax ID number: 95-2654647

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