• Donor List



    Echo Horizon School gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions made by our community in the 2018-2019 school year. If our success is rooted in the leadership and direction of our exemplary faculty and staff, it is given wings by our strong community of families and supporters, who are the custodians of Echo Horizon's future. A heartfelt thanks to those listed below for their caring and commitment to making our school their philanthropic priority.

  • Visionary $25,000 and Up

    Pamela and Peter Kelly

    Thomas Gallagher


    Benefactor $15,000 - $24,999


    Sharon and Kovi Elkus

    Christopher Combs and Charlotte Hughes

    Lori Shiotani and Kenneth Nakayama


    Champion $10,000 - $14,999

    Tracey and Akeem Ayeni

    Leslye and Robert Goldberg

    Peggy Procter and John Johnston

    Patricia and Bruno Lambertini

    Sharon and Josh Yguado


    Guardian $5,000 - $9,999

    (2 Anonymous)

    Kori and Darren Dworkin

    Caroline and Josh Greenstein

    Michelle Martinez and Corey LoPrete

    Vivien and Perry Liu

    Vera and George Nazzal

    Lucy and Josh Oppenheimer

    Donna and Jorge Raphael

    Christie and John Roberts

    Emily Fox and Peter Scott

    Lisbeth and Patrick Sinclair

    Jean Lee and Toan Tran


    Angel $2,500 - $4,999

    (1 Anonymous)

    Amy Cooper and Samuel Baum

    Alba Brooks-Correa and Michael Brooks

    Mireille Jacobson and Tom Chang

    Vani and Ram Dandillaya

    Valerie and Faraz Daneshgar

    Kate and Tim Davies

    Sarah Reber and Benjamin Denckla

    Eraka Bath and Alexandre Fortuit

    Jane Yen and George Ho

    Peggy and Francis Hung

    Alexia Landau

    Wendy and Jonathan Lane

    Tamara Umansky and Boaz Lev-Ari

    Samantha and Greg Lombardo

    Michelle Dean and Eric Lorenzini

    Courtney Mizel

    Gillian and Abram Nalibotsky

    Rachel and Jake Robards

    Jennifer and Marc Roggenkamp

    Jessica and Scott Samet

    Haleh Rassouli and Ali Shahidi

    Allison and Philip Strina

    Jola and Robert Thun

    Anthony Danna and Ziad Toubassy

    Satiya and Jared Witzer


  • Believer $1,500 - $2,499

    (2 Anonymous)

    Johanna and Eric Appel 

    Gigi and Karl Blatt

    Sarah Treem and Jay Carson

    Jamie Park Chang and James Chang

    Keija Pan and Brandon Davis

    Heather Kun and Chris Iorillo

    Kevin Gruenberg and Christine Kim

    Rittu Kumar

    Julie Marsh and Steve Mayer

    Lara Azzopardi Robinson and John Robinson

    Megha Sata and Nihar Shah

    Alycia Degen and Leslie Wootton


    Patron $1,000 - $1,499

    (2 Anonymous)

    Laura Reider and Scott Abrahamson

    Toba Khedoori and Eric Allaway

    Claudette Brown

    Allison and Larry Cobar

    Pauline Wu and Carlos Fua

    Catherine and Daniel Gerst

    The Haghihi Family

    Sherre and Jeffrey Hirsch

    Ryann and Timothy Karp

    Saundra Montiel and Ray Klein 

    Heather Cox and Chris Koch

    Sarah and Glenn Lipton

    The Pathria Family

    Kristin Weirick and Laurae Rossi


    Friend $500 - $999

    (2 Anonymous)

    Tisha and Andrew Berman

    Roger Bridges

    Ruth Milway and James Bursey

    Mary and Robert Chow

    Jennifer Bloom and Adam Cotsen

    Julie Mosel and Matthew Dente

    Nelda and Jason Fox

    Cara Horowitz and Stefan Grunspan

    Richard Hoff and Schuyler Ha

    Lauren and David Howard

    Marjan and Mehran Kashefi

    Alexis Lerner

    Robyn and Jeff Maynard

    Giselle and Mazen Nazzal

    Cindy Tobisman and Nicole Pearl

    Sara Chang and Jeffrey Peng

    Lika Miyake and Richard Salvador

    Lisa Sorrentino and Andy Snavley

    Saundra Sparks

    Kerry Green and Chad Wasser

    Nora and Peter Wendel


  • Supporter Up to $499

    (12 Anonymous)

    Stephanie Anthony

    Meg Baltazar

    Elena Shtromberg and Aravier Batiz

    Megan Berta

    Abeni Bias

    Debbie and Jeff Briggs

    Haley Brooks

    Juanita Caldwell

    Alicia Camacho

    Jennifer Canelli

    Angel Carillo

    Mayra Castellanos

    Jasa Denny

    The Eapen Family 

    Amanda and Brian Egan

    Ellis Enlow

    Elizabeth Fellner-Nelson

    Deanna Fierro 

    Jose Figueroa

    Brenda Gonzalez

    Ashley Guitron

    Regina Gusman

    Susan Hoover

    Kelly Ku and Jeffrey Hwang

    Ya’landa Harris and Rodney Johnson

    Jacqueline and Elliott Kleinberg

    Jennifer Kwon

    Leah and Jason Lehmbeck 

    Rachel Lewis

    Renee and Robert Lucero

    Susan Macahilig

    Jennifer and Mark Mascolo

    Yulia and Bradley McAfee

    Nicole and Willie McMahon

    Ginger Norman

    Jennifer and Casey O’Brien

    Cecilia Olivera-Hillway

    Devin Palty

    Kedran and Stavros Panageas

    Susan Samarge Powell and Tyrone Powell

    Jeena and Philip Quansah

    Maggie Raiken

    Calida and Gerald Rawles

    Kristen Reyna

    Cari and Scott Rosen

    Isabel Sanchez

    Stephanie and Jeffrey Shane

    Amina Sharma

    Jimmy Smith

    Maya Smith

    Alex Sowa

    Anita Dashiell-Sparks and Anthony Sparks

    Caitlin Stephens

    Madeline and Ian Stewart

    Lori Zuckerman and Tom Strouse

    Michaela Summers

    Laura and Eli Terry

    Annie DiMascio and Adam Tessitore

    Erin Tompkins

    Sheryl Udell

    Ian Wenger

    Ashley Whitelaw

    Jennie and Jake Willens

    Cathleen Wolff

    Pooja Bhagat and Hugh Wright

    Cynthia Park and Brian Yum