Reflections on the Holiday Season

Posted by Peggy Procter on 12/18/2017

A few days ago, my daughter asked me about Judaism, curious to understand more about the religion and culture.  We spoke for a while and we even took the opportunity to speak with a friend’s mom who is Jewish to learn more.  Shortly thereafter, my daughter said something lovely.  “Mom, one of the things I like most about Judaism is that their holidays are more about family and love and food and being together, and less about presents.”  This is just one example of the types of conversation I’ve had and the thoughtful comments I’ve heard from my daughter over the last few months since she began attending Echo Horizon.  This is what Echo Horizon is all about - inspiring our children to be curious and ask questions and to engage with and learn from people of differing backgrounds; helping our children to be empathetic and compassionate and to think about others; encouraging them to see difference as beauty.  This is what drew me to Echo Horizon last fall during the search process and this is the reason I am so grateful to be a part of this magical place.  


Experiencing Winter Program for the first time was breathtaking. It is a beautiful representation of our values and our spirit, the same things that my daughter is embracing in her first year at Echo Horizon.  It was a gift to watch our sixth graders lead confidently while also taking such good care of our younger students.  It was a gift to experience the brilliance and supportiveness of our entire faculty and staff as they collaborated, under the tremendous leadership of our arts team, to put on a fabulous show.  It was a gift to not spend one minute worrying about the set-up and food knowing that Mayra and her team and Josh and Lisa and their team of volunteers were organized and willing to do whatever was needed for a beautiful experience.  And it was the icing on the cake to see all of our students shine on stage, displaying their talent, enthusiasm, hard work, focus, and willingness to take risks.  The final song, The Wish, brought tears to my eyes as I watched our students and our graduates, arms around one other, connected in love and in song by their Echo Horizon bond.    


As 2017 comes to an end and with 2018 just around the corner, I send my final blog post filled with deep gratitude and awe.  You amaze me Echo Horizon.  Thank you for sharing your joy and love with me and my family these first few months - my heart is full as I head off for a much needed “long winter’s nap”.   


PS - I humbly share with you my poetic toast - not sure it will read as well without the laughter and cheers and chatter of our beloved students in the background!  

‘Twas the night before vacation 

By your poetically challenged Head of School with a little help from Clement Clarke Moore


‘Twas the night before vacation and all through Echo Horizon School   

Faculty and students reminisced about how these first months had been so cool.


Our great faculty was busy crafting the final lessons of the year

In hope that their kiddos would leave with a cheer.


The students were nestled all snug in their beds  

While visions of kind teachers danced in their heads


The school year began with a new Head and a heat wave  

Postponing Popsicles in the Park certainly wasn’t our fave


Then came Burger Truck, Pinwheels for Peace and a pep rally with the Hawk

Doing the Cha Cha slide together, not even Dr. Patterson did balk


Birthday celebrations were a blast with yummy treats and best wishes

The Around the World Picnic in the park with extravagant international dishes


A Points of Pride ceremony focused us on kindness and trust

Re-committing to these ideals was definitely a must


New Spirit gear arrived and off the racks it quickly flew

People purchasing both the vintage and the brand spanking new


We donned our beautiful new Echo gear on our Friday spirit days

Our sixth grade leaders inspired us to show Hawk pride in creative ways


Taking care of our neighborhood at the cleanup at Ballona Creek

Lots of garbage, cigarette butts, and even an old microwave we did seek


All School picnic was loads of fun with yummy fried chicken and desserts so sweet

Joyful to bring the community together despite the unrelenting heat


When Halloween preparations began there arose such a clatter,

That the Leadership Team appeared to see what was the matter.


A petition from fifth grade requested costumes be worn

After much deliberation, a new tradition was born


Faculty appreciation snacks at meetings filled our bellies and our hearts

Who knew the parents would spoil us with finger sandwiches and apple tarts


We sent kids off on amazing adventures to Catalina and to Pali

Where they snorkeled, hiked and learned about the geology of Cali


Grandparents and Special friends day arrived with a trivia game so fun  

We learned so much about our school’s history by the time that it was done


We learned about inclusivity and each other led by the one and only Roger

He kept us motivated and inspired despite a loss by our dear Team Dodger


This evening is Winter Program bringing us holiday music and cheer

Vacation is just around the corner and the start of a brand new year


It’s hard to believe it’s December 14th and we’ve made it this far

Our amazing faculty inspiring each student to reach for a star


What good times we have had what great memories we share

It’s been incredible to see how much each one of you does care


Peggy sprung to the stage, to the whole community gave a shout

Let’s get these vacations started, before the students begin to pout


And we heard her exclaim as she flew out of sight  

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night.