• Spring Trimester Class Descriptions


    Dates vary—see below

    Cardio Boxing 4/12-6/7 (3:30-4:30PM/$210 for seven 1-hour classes: no class 4/5, 5/31
    Grades K–6 with JMG Sportswise 
    Coach will work on the basics of boxing, conditioning and mind set. Using multimedia we will study famous boxers and boxing history. Get your aerobic exercise in and learn to bob and weave, parry and counter and move like the pros do. With an emphasis on proper form, good footwork, and solid foundations, you will be stinging like a bee in no time. We employ the GROWTH MINDSET focusing on effort and the love of learning. We learn by taking risks, making mistakes, observing, and communicating. 


    Crazy Chemworks 4/12-6/7 (3:45-4:45/$162 for eight 1-hour classes: no class 4/5, 5/31)
    Grades K-6 with Mad Science of Los Angeles
    Shake up a flask of fun in the lab as a junior chemist! These chemistry classes are packed solid with cool reactions and tiny atoms! Slide down the pH scale and dip in to the world of acids and bases. Put on some goggles and change liquids to solids and back again. Handle laboratory tools, build and break molecules, and pick up some tricks on chemical changes. Finally, ooze into a gooey hour of sliming around! Using the Mad Science recipe, enter your creation in to the Slime Olympics! Topics include: Chem in a Flash, Dry Ice Capades, Glow Show, Junior Reactors, Lab Works, pH Phactor, Slime Time, Super Sticky Stuff. 


    Anime, Cartooning, and Comic Creation 4/26-6/7 (4:05-4:50PM/$108 for six 45-minute classes: no class 5/31
    Grades 1–6 with Parker Anderson 
    Cartooning is a great way to learn how to sketch and draw. You will learn to create your own characters as well as popular characters from Disney, Anime, and more! Learn about storylines, design, coloring, and lettering, as you create your very own comic book!


    Yearbook 4/12-5/3 (3:15–4:30PM/$160: no class 4/5
    Grades 4–6 with Ms. Aftalion & Mr. Carrillo 
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    Dates vary—see below

    Music & Storytelling Adventures Around the World! 4/6-6/1 (3:15-4:00PM/$200 for nine 45-minute classes) 
    Grades PK–2 with Get Empowered!
    Imaginative global adventures including storytime, storytelling, musical storytelling, acting, drama games, theatre arts, improv and more!

    Rocket Science and Astronomy! 4/27-6/1 (4:05-4:50PM/$108 for six 45-minute classes) 
    Grades K–6 with Parker Anderson 
    Ready, set, blast off! Explore the Universe as we design our own Rockets, make "moon sand,”, Business Card Boomerangs, and much more! Our adventures will take us to Titan, Mars, and a
    Galactic Cluster as we learn about comets, constellations, and our galaxy! This class is out of this World!


    Zumba 4/6-6/1 (3:30-4:15PM/$243 for nine 45-minute classes) 
    Grades 3–6 with Ms. DeWitt 
    This is a follow-along cardio dance class set to upbeat music from around the world. This all levels class is designed for anyone who likes to move--no dance experience necessary! Be prepared to sweat and have fun with your friends. Wear exercise clothes and sneakers and bring a water bottle.


    Dates vary—see below

    Animal Encounters: Sensational Senses 4/7-6/2 (3:30-4:15PM/$205 for nine 45-minute classes)
    Grades PK-3 with ACE Enrichment
    How does a python hunt at night? And how does the poor-sighted chinchilla navigate the rocky hills of the Andes? Can animals sense fear? This session we investigate these questions and all things sensory. Snakes, lizards, small mammals, parrots, farm animals, and more will be featured as we learn about the importance of senses in the animal world. Through games, fun exercises, experiments, and even art, students will gain a whole new understanding of sensory systems, including their own! Conducted virtually through zoom, our talented instructors will not only appear on screen with the animals, but will use videos, images, and easy to follow at home activities to create an immersive class experience.


    Tech Kidz: Video Game Design 4/28-6/2 (3:15-4:00PM/$108 for six 45-minute classes) 
    Grades 1–6 with Parker Anderson 
    Students will learn how to design and modify their own exciting arcade-style video games using Roblox, Hopscotch, Sploder and more! They will learn how to control characters, objects, and
    outcomes in their games as they increase the difficulty level and add more features.


    Let’s Jam! Music, Percussion & Beatboxing 4/7-6/2 (3:15-4:00PM/$200 for nine 45-minute classes) 
    Grades 4–6 with Get Empowered 
    Exciting music making experiences including: Beatboxing, drumming, body percussion, singing, making homemade instruments, playing at home instruments, percussion play, cup percussion, music jams, multilingual lyrics, instrument explorations, and more!


    Dates vary—see below

    Hip-Hop Dance Class 4/86/3 (3:304:15/$207 for nine 45-minute classes)
    Grades PK3rd with Funky Divas & Dudes
    Are you ready to ROCK?! Rock out with the Funky Divas & Dudes in this awesome virtual Zoom Hip-Hop Dance class. Learn the basic techniques of dance, get great exercise, gain self-confidence and HAVE FUN right from your home! We’ll perform our Rockin’ dance routines on the last day of class, record it via Zoom, and send it to families for a great keepsake! Let’s get funky!


    Sewing & Embroidery 4/8-6/3 (3:30-4:15/$238 for nine 45-minute classes)
    Grades K-4 with ACE Enrichment
    Learn to hand sew and embroider with Miss Shannon’s Sewing Class! Children will learn the fundamentals of sewing such as, the running stitch, back stitch and chain stitch. Patching and embellishing clothing is also taught by bringing in different projects to teach each skill. Fabrics are pre-cut and all materials needed will be provided in our sewing kits!


    Coding Smart & Social 4/86/3 (3:304:15/$243 for nine 45-minute classes)
    Grades 3–6 with Dr. Patterson
    Enjoy learning to program with your friends and the Scratch programming language. Our coding social club will allow you to level up your programming skills, share tips and tricks with your programming peers and connect to the wider world of kids making great stuff with block-based code. Come for the learning and stay for the friends!  


    Dates vary—see below

    Young Ninjas 4/96/4 (3:304:15/$104 for eight 45-minute classes: no class 5/28)
    Grades PK-2 with Young Ninjas USA
    Discover your inner ninja. Across cultures of all kinds, the eagle represents an unwavering spirit, who, above all, shows unbreakable confidence. To earn your purple headband, you must learn to embrace what makes you unique, and hold that with confidence, just like the eagle! Young Ninjas is a high energy program introducing children to fundamental martial arts elements, like blocks, kicks, strikes, situational awareness, basic self-defense, and the all important KI-YAH! Through skill training, fun games, and creative challenges, children develop self-confidence and learn to enjoy being physically active in a non-competitive setting. 


    Kids Cooking Academy: Cooking Around the World! 4/30-6/4 (4:05-4:50PM/$108 for six 45-minute classes) 
    Grades K–6 with Parker Anderson 
    Kids will tantalize their taste buds and have fun with food! Different recipes each week from appetizers to entrees, snacks, desserts and more! Learn about nutrition, dining etiquette, and
    cooperation skills in this scrumptious class!


    Yoga 4/9-6/4 (3:30-4:30PM/$240 for eight 1-hour classes: no class 5/28
    Grades 3–6 with JMG Sportswise 
    We employ the GROWTH MINDSET focusing on effort and the love of learning. We learn by taking risks, making mistakes, observing and communicating. Through playful expression, kids explore breath, strength, balance, and flexibility in a non-competitive environment to cultivate gratitude, teamwork, and self-awareness. Coach uses songs, rhymes, and stories to learn kid-friendly yoga poses and REAL flow. Traditions of meditation to reduce everyday stress will be incorporated for a full mind and body experience. Learn from instructors with backgrounds in Early Childhood Development! 


    Book Club with Ms. Brooks! 4/9-6/4 (12:30-1:15PM/$216 for eight 45-minute classes: no class 5/28)
    Grades 4-6 with Ms. Brooks
    Calling all bookworks! Tired of screen time? Excited to get wrapped up in a good book? If you answered yes to either of these questions, come join Ms. Brooks for Book Club where we will get to read the latest and greatest YA novels of your choosing.