Thanksgiving Project 2017


    Turkey in a Tote

    History and purpose

    For 18 years, our school has participated in a Thanksgiving tradition to support less fortunate families throughout Los Angeles. We continue to partner with Ocean Park Community Center (OPCC) by doing a food drive to supply food to their Pantry for clients to access. 



    Founded in 1963, OPCC has grown to become the largest provider of housing and homeless social services on the Westside of Los Angeles County.  OPCC clients include at-risk youth; people dealing with physical illness, disabilities or severe mental illness; women and children experiencing domestic violence; and Veterans --- all aimed at improving the self-sufficiency of the individuals and families served. Their goal is to end – not simply manage – human suffering by providing food, shelter, and clothing to homeless persons and their families.  For more information, please visit their website at


    OPCC Volunteer Days

    In an ongoing effort to offer meaningful community service experiences for children, we will be offering opportunities to come together with parents and faculty at OPCC. Everyone will have the opportunity to tour and learn more about all of the services that OPCC offers and then lend a helping hand where needed. We are excited to offer this invaluable opportunity to our caring community. Stay tuned as we will annunce these dates soon. 


    Collection of Items

    The collection of items will begin on Monday, November 6th and will continue through Friday, November 17th. Please click here to see a list of requested items.


    We Thank our Community

    We thank our school community for all that you do to help provide our kids nurturing and enriching life experiences.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to committee members: Tami Rubin, Michelle Armoni and Alexia Landeau.


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