Thanksgiving Project 2016


    Turkey in a Tote

    History and purpose

    For 17 years, our school has participated in a Thanksgiving tradition to support less fortunate families throughout Los Angeles. At a time when most of America is celebrating this very special holiday in the year, many families are going without food. The basis of the project is to provide a Thanksgiving meal to those in need, and our goal at EHS is to supply as many meals as possible – most years we have been able to supply up to 100 complete meals! For 2016 we continue to work in collaboration with Ocean Park Community Center (OPCC) to make this goal a reality.


    Founded in 1963, OPCC has grown to become the largest provider of housing and homeless social services on the Westside of Los Angeles County.  OPCC clients include at-risk youth; people dealing with physical illness, disabilities or severe mental illness; women and children experiencing domestic violence; and Veterans --- all aimed at improving the self-sufficiency of the individuals and families served. Their goal is to end – not simply manage – human suffering by providing food, shelter, and clothing to homeless persons and their families.  For more information, please visit their website at

     OPCC Volunteer Days

    In an ongoing effort to offer meaningful experiences for our children, this year we have invited our school to be involved on a deeper, more personal level.  We arranged an opportunity to come together to prepare meals and serve on both Saturday, November 5th and Monday, November 7th at one of OPCC’s facilities. Our kids will come together to prepare a meal, decorate tables, create menus, and serve the homeless.  They will also have the opportunity to tour and learn more about all the services that OPCC offers.  We are excited to bring this invaluable opportunity to our caring community.

    School participation

    Turkey in a Tote (names by our kids) is a school wide community service project that runs over three weeks in November and culminates in a school wide, participatory assembly.

    Full grade level participation ensures that student involvement and awareness of community needs are at the core of this program. Each grade participates as follows:

    Pre-K – Make Thanksgiving cards and pack totes

    Kindergarten - Make Thanksgiving cards and pack totes

    1st Grade – Make Thanksgiving cards and pack totes

    2nd Grade – Make Thanksgiving cards

    3rd Grade – Sort and chart the food collection items

    4th Grade – Create posters that are displayed around the school

    5th Grade – Packing of the food items in the totes

    6th Grade – Make Thanksgiving cards and posters for the school 

    School-Wide Assembly

    On Monday, November 21st, the school will gather for a school-wide, participatory assembly.  This year, the assembly will be student-led by those who were able to participate in our OPCC Volunteer Days.  The children will share a child-generated slide show and sit on a panel to answer questions from their experience.

    Thanksgiving Tree

    As we have for the past two years, we will invite our students, teachers, parents, and caregivers to write down something they are thankful for and place it on a tree just outside the auditorium.  We hope to see a bounty of things our children are grateful for and that we can be proud of.  The outcome will be a beautiful tree blossoming with gratitude.

    Collection of Items

    The collection of items will begin on Tuesday, November 8th and will continue through Thursday, November 17th. Requested items are: cranberry sauce, canned vegetables, canned yams, hearty canned soups, cornbread mix, gravy packets, packages of store-bought cookies, rolls of tin foil, and disposable tins to cook turkeys.  We also include a monetary donation to support including turkey, ham, or other items the recipients may need.  If you prefer to donate this way and help cover costs, please provide a check made payable to EHS to the front desk.  

    Feel free to pick up a Turkey in a Tote shopping list at the reception desk or download one <here>.

    We Thank our Community

    This is a wonderful opportunity to walk into school with your child(ren) and deliver your donations to the collection boxes together. Your kids will feel proud!  As you do so, you will know that this is one of the community service activities at Echo Horizon School that has an immediate and welcomed impact on individuals and families in need.  We thank our school community for all that you do to help provide our kids nurturing and enriching life experiences.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to committee members: Tami Rubin, Michelle Armoni and Ji Jeon.

    --Thanksgiving Project Committee

    Michelle Armoni, Ji Jeon

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