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Echo Horizon Alumni Earns Emerging Leader Award

Echo Horizon School Alumni


Congratulations to Sofia from the Echo Horizon class of 2018! She just finished her first year at Marlborough and was given the Emerging Leader Award by the principal at a school assembly. The award goes to one student in each grade who does a great job being a leader and who cares about the Marlborough environment. “I was surprised to hear my name called!” Sofia recalls. “It was a big honor!”


Sofia’s first year in middle school has been wonderful. “The first semester was an adjustment because it is a new school. I had to find my group of friends. Then the second semester just flew by! I really enjoy pre-algebra—that’s my favorite class. And I like taking the bus home because all my friends are on it and we get to hang out and chat.”


Sofia is also the class president for seventh grade. “I really like being on student council. You get to meet a lot of new people and older kids. That was a big help since I was new. Everyone has been really  nice.”


Enjoy your summer vacation, Sofia! We can’t wait to see what you do next!