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Congratulations to Our Spelling Bee Champ!

Echo Horizon Spelling Bee Champ


Congratulations to Our Spelling Bee Champ!

Our Winner Faced Tough Competition . . .


It was an event filled with excitement, anticipation, and nerves for our 1st–3rd grade Scripps Spelling Bee Club scholars. And it was the culmination of the many practice sessions in which they had engaged. All of the words from the 2019 School Spelling Bee Study List came from enjoyable, grade-appropriate books, which allowed our students to get to know these words in the context of great stories.

At first the words didn’t seem difficult enough: the club confidently knocked down ending, shiny, city. . . . As the words got more complex, and at a higher grade level, more contestants dropped out, done in by words like tempting, bacon, quest, molten. In the end, two contestants remained standing: third-grader Isabel and first-grader Tali. The words were at a fifth-grade level, but the contestants stood firm, their spellings remained confident. Finally, when the words were at an eighth-grade level, our champion emerged: first-grade scholar Tali! She correctly spelled withering—and became Echo Horizon’s first spelling bee champ! Tali will go on to the Los Angeles Regional Spelling Bee, where all of her Echo Horizon community will cheer for her in their hearts. Go Tali!