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Locking, Popping, and Lindy Hopping

Versa-Style Dance Company  Versa-Style at Echo Horizon School

The talented dancers of Versa-Style Dance Company came to Echo Horizon as part of our Appreciation & Learning Through Arts & Spanish (ALAS) program. Our 3rd–6th grade students were excited before a single move was even made. They knew that these dancers were going to show us some amazing hip-hop moves. But what they didn’t know, until Brandon (aka Beast Boy) told them, was that Versa-Style “ . . . likes to work with the community to teach about hip hop dance and culture. There are years and years of dance styles that our ancestors did that led to hip-hop.”


Brandon and his crew of skilled, energetic dancers showed us how tap, merengue, salsa, the lindy hop, and more led to the funk era of 1970s dance. And how that era led to modern-day hip-hop. A lot of funk and hip-hop moves were born right here on the West Coast, and show the diversity of Los Angeles.


Were we blown away by Versa-Style’s cool dance moves? YES. Did we want to go home and practice them? YES. And Versa-Style encouraged us to do this. Dance is for everybody—it’s a celebration of our culture, our community, and our individuality. Thank you Versa-Style—and thank you Cathleen Wolff, Chair of Arts and ALAS, for bringing them to us!