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Author Stuart Gibbs Visits Echo Horizon

Stuart Gibbs   Stuart Gibbs

Echo Horizon’s intrepid librarian Mrs. Brown arranged a much-anticipated event: the visit of children’s book author Stuart Gibbs. Mr. Gibbs is the author of the Fun Jungle Series, the Spy School series, and the Moon Base Alpha books, among others. Students got to hear about how Mr. Gibbs’ studies as a field biologist (and love of the capybara!) led him to writing his first book; how a good friend who is an astronaut led to the writing of his Moon Base Alpha series; and how a childhood story he wrote led him to create the first Spy School book.

Mr. Gibbs covered a range of topics, from wildlife conservation to the importance of revising your writing. He answered a lot of important questions that students had about his work and we got to see the covers of his upcoming books, which include Lion Down and Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation. We can’t wait to read them!