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Echo Horizon School Welcomes Roger Bridges - Assistant Head of School: Director of Counseling, Community Engagement, and Inclusivity

Dear Echo Horizon Community,
It is with great pleasure that I introduce to the community Roger Bridges who will be joining our dynamic administrative team as Assistant Head of School: Director of Counseling, Community Engagement, and Inclusivity. Roger's dynamism, thoughtfulness, and his passion for education, counseling, and inclusion make him a perfect match for the Echo Horizon community.
The magic of Echo Horizon in large part rests on the meaningful and authentic relationships that exist between community members. We create these strong relationships by nurturing a diverse and inclusive community where unconditional support is given to each child, family, and faculty member. The investment in additional leadership represents a commitment to grow vital initiatives and provide unprecedented levels of support to the Echo Horizon community. Roger will play a critical role not only in the areas listed above, but also in reinforcing all of the individual elements that make Echo Horizon such a unique and vibrant community. Roger's extensive experience counseling children, adults and faculty members during critical junctures, his demonstrated ability to lead parent and community education programs, his leadership and development of diversity and inclusion initiatives, and his expected contributions to our marketing outreach efforts are primary reasons why Roger will help take Echo Horizon to the next level of excellence.
Roger hails from the South, born and raised in Mississippi, before heading to the West Coast for college and graduate school. He has worked with youth in non-profit organizations and independent schools. He also spent some time as a professional actor for live theater, film, and television. He has continued his artistic endeavors as a filmmaker. Roger's latest film Pebbles, Ripples and Waves is a documentary about the life of director Gordon Hunt (Oscar winner Helen Hunt's father) that is set to release later this year. He is a passionate sports fan and athlete and possesses a deep appreciation for the arts (dance, theater, music). He and his beautiful family (wife Caroline, twin daughters Brees and Amaya and baby boy on the way) live in Santa Monica. To learn more about Roger's professional background, please click here for his resume and conference sheet.
We are fortunate to have someone as experienced, thoughtful, and talented as Roger joining the Echo Horizon team. Please join me in welcoming Roger and his family into our community. I can't wait for you to meet him!