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Echo Horizon School Celebrates Unity Day

Echo Horizon School Celebrates Unity Day 

Echo Horizon School celebrates Unity Day, showing their support of preventing bullying. Students, faculty and staff, and parents are asked to wear orange, the color of bullying prevention, identified by PACER organization.

Echo Horizon School community will join together by creating an orange link chain, where each child will write down how they will work to end bullying in schools and the community at large. The school-wide link chain will be on display as a reminder that we stand together and that bullying will not be tolerated within our community.

Bullying affects almost one in every four students around the country. By wearing and sharing orange today, we unite together against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Head of School, Martha Schuur is committed to working with faculty and staff, parents, and children to be able to identify the different types of bullying (physical, social/emotional, and cyber), and to provide a safe space for our entire Echo Horizon Community to grow and support each other in a kind and caring way.

Unity Day is part of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Month, and we invite you to join us in helping to spread this important message of hope and support.

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