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Echo Horizon School Celebrates Global Collaboration Day and International Dot Day!

Students and faculty at Echo Horizon School celebrate Global Collaboration Day on September 15, 2016. It is no secret that our Echo Horizon School community reaches far beyond 3430 McManus Avenue in Culver City, and to celebrate our global impact, our students in Pre K through 4th grade participated in activities ranging from global awareness and safety, to being inspired to leave their mark, and engaging with students across the world to celebrate different traditions.


4th graders made a wish for the school year, which is to learn more about the Gold Rush both in California and in Australia. As learning about the Gold Rush is a major part of the 4th grade curriculum, we hope that our Echo Horizon Students can learn from 4th graders in Australia to be able to compare and contrast the two countries experiences around the Gold Rush.


1st graders learned all about Internet Safety. Technology is a fundamental component of the curriculum across all grades at Echo Horizon School and it is important as we live in such a connected world to be able to set safety standards not just in our own community, but on the ever-changing Internet as well. It is our goal to teach our children how to use technology in a safe way, especially as they grow up as native technology users.


Pre K and Kindergarten collaborated to read Peter H. Reynolds book The Dot, as a way to celebrate both Global Collaboration Day and International Dot Day. The Dot empowers all of us to “make our mark and see where it takes us.” A great message for our young children as we teach them to explore, inquire, innovate, and create, which lays the foundation for a world beyond the doors of Echo Horizon School.